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Announcing the only absolutely free radio traffic system!

FREE RadioWorks is a Windows-based traffic system for scheduling all your spots and programs and producing the daily log. Look below to see what all it will do, absolutely FREE!

To get started, click here to download FREE RADIOWORKS with sample data. Click here to go to our Training Videos section. 

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FREE RadioWorks includes:

·         Two of the most popular advance spot scheduling tools, Generic and #Per Day of Week.

·         Spot scheduling for a single station.

·         Unlimited: Number of Program titles, Number of programs in a day/week, Number of breaks and avails, Number of Spot types.

·         Unlimited number of users on a network.

·         Nine levels of security from view only to full access.

·         Backup utility included.

·         Full log-editing tools.

·         Preview log in print-view mode.

·         Log Reconciliation screen to make sure spots ran according to schedule.

·         Expiring spots report – see when spots schedule are due to expire.

·           Contract report – see the scheduling status of each contract, how many spots have run, how many still to be run.

·           Client report – a user-modifiable report of all your clients with full contact information. Also exportable to Excel for sorting.

·           May upgrade to Pro at any time with no loss of data.

RadioWorks PRO includes all of the above, plus:

·        Day Part Scheduler – In one schedule, schedule a spot in various day parts and quantity

·        Tracking of cart numbers so you know what numbers are available when setting up a spot schedule.

·        Unlimited number of stations.

·        Special programming scheduler for seasonal programming, sports schedules, etc.

·        Export log to your automation system.

·        Affidavits for all clients.

·        Three types of invoicing, package, monthly per unit, standard broadcast calendar per unit.

·        Customize invoice, add logo, print on plain paper or your pre-printed form, make pdf for emailing.

·        Send statement of account whenever you choose.

·        Include trade on invoice.

·        Add agency commission to invoice and send to agency.

·        Easy posting of payments to invoices.

·        Many financial reports including AR and payments. Project revenue with a click.

·        Avails report for any period, show all or unsold only.

·        Check daily value of all spots scheduled.

·        Many more reports to keep you on top of your business.

·        May upgrade or downgrade at any time. If downgrading to FREE, all data will be saved, but some no longer available, unless upgrading back to Pro.



Support Plans

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Free Edition

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FREE All have access to User’s Manual, Screen Views and Training Videos on our web site.

FREE Unlimited phone, Internet and email support




FREE Unlimited email support. Phone and Internet support at $25 per quarter-hour




Email support at $25 per issue. Phone and Internet support at $25 per quarter-hour








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